Wine Blog Spotlight: VINEGeek

Getting back into the habit of spotlighting my favorite wine blogs, I want to call your attention to a relative newcomer to the field.  Started in June, I’ve been following VINEGeek since he introduced himself to me on Twitter. I love his blog and if you aren’t reading it, you’re missing out on a great addition to the wine blog world.

Jim pulls no punches in his blog. If he spent $85 on a bottle of wine (and he did….rich taste!) and it doesn’t measure up he’s going to tell you. What really makes me visit his posts is his “free association” image at the end of each post. He finds an image that he associates with his review of the wine and adds it to the end of each review. Sometimes I get it right away, and other times I’m left scratching my head, but it always makes me chuckle. His tagline pretty much says it all “Wine is interesting.”

Vinegeek posts about 2 times a week (let’s encourage him to post a little more!) and I’ll be looking forward to his upcoming Mourvedre Mondays as he starts to explore one of my favorite grapes. Head on over and check out VineGeek and add Jim to your feed reader today.