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I’ve got a couple hours before I leave for the airport, and I’ve clearly got an addiction to posting daily here on the blog. I can’t help myself….it’s actually quite difficult to break the habit after doing it every day for over a year now!

For some time I’ve been contemplating changing up the design of Wannabe Wino. I’m even tossing around the idea of going to self-hosted WordPress so I can have a pretty blog design that’s all mine.

However, I am absolutely challenged on anything to do with websites. The most basic stuff (like figuring out how to put my photo in the sidebar here) takes me hours of trying and almost always ends up in me crying out to Twitter for help. We won’t even talk about what used to happen over on Blogger when I was actually allowed to edit the html in the template….

That said, any thoughts on self-hosted WordPress? I’d appreciate any pros/cons so I can make an informed (or as informed as I can in my techno-challenged world) decision.


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  1. I struggle with the design of my site as well. I always want to tweak it, but not do too much damage. I use Typepad and am very happy with it. I know you can have complete control over the design, but I am not smart (or crazy) enough to start messing with it.

  2. I’ve been doing self-hosted WordPress blogs for years, and love the flexibility and control that gives me. I’m also a professional web developer and everyday Linux user, so nothing major about the process and mechanisms of wb hosting is foreign or uncomfortable. You need a pretty high knowledge level, or an equally-high capacity (and interest!) to learn about web hosting to DIY.

  3. i am NOT a developer and i’m not the best HTML programmer but – i moved to self hosted and i LOVE it.

    I didn’t do very much design, as there are a ton of free templates out there that you can manipulate fairly easily.

    What, with google and W3 HTML schools websites, you can pretty much stumble your way around.

    The enhanced functionality and features available on self hosted are worth it IMO


  4. I think your blog looks awesome!

  5. We’re a self-hosted wordpress blog, and I’m a tech-phone. My partner in blogging set up the self hosting, but he left it to me to handle to look of the site. If I can do it, anyone can do it. I stick to templates and plugins and think we have a fairly good looking, easy to navigate site. It’s not full of bells and whistles, but it works for us.

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