Portugal Day 2 in Pictures

On day 2, our internet failed for the day, so I was unable to share photos of our adventures yet. Today we are back online! On day 2 we visited Carmim Coop and some of the vineyards from which they source grapes. We ate in a very good restaurant,  Taberna Al-Andaluz in Reguengos for lunch and for dinner at a very tiny, but delicious place, Botequim da Mouraría in Évora. We also walked through Castle Monsaraz. Enjoy a few pictures for now, with more details on everything we have eaten, drank, and done when I have a bit more time on my hands to devote to blogging!

In one of the Carmim Coop's member vineyards.

Carmim Barrels

Tasting some of the Enoforum wines.

One view from Castle Monsaraz

Bull-fighting ring at Castle Monsaraz

Quince! I've never seen one before & it took us a while to figure out what it was!


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  1. Great you got to Monsoraz! Doesn’t look like the weather was playing nice though. How is the food there?

  2. The food has been excellent so far. Had a fantastic salt cod for lunch today. Also loving all the local cheeses. The weather is rainy, not so much yesterday, but Sunday and today, yes.

  3. remember you can sleep when you’re dead! (or when you’re back–took me about a week!) enjoy!

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