Portugal Day 3 in Pictures

Day 3 found it raining even harder, but nothing would keep us from getting out and about! We visited Borba Coop where more of Enoforum’s wines are produced and bottled. Lunch today was at A Cadeia in Estremoz and after lunch we visited Vila Vicosa and Alandroal. A little rainy in Vila Vicosa, but it had cleared enough by the time we got to Alandroal to roam around a bit. We are off to dinner now, so I’ll report on that later! For now, more photos!

Enoforum wine from the Alente line, the Premium Red, one of my favorites so far.

Pretty building I liked in Vila Vicosa

The label is made of cork! From Borba Coop, wine is also tasty!

Lunch "A Cadeia." Local specialty, salt cod, so good!

A Cadeia, the restaurant is actually in the old town jail!


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  1. I am still dreaming about the venison and chestnuts I had at that restaurant for lunch! did you try any of the local the dessert liquer? wow!

  2. Loving reliving!

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