Portugal Day 4 in Pictures

Rain! We got poured on everywhere we went on day 4. Good thing we didn’t really care or else we would have missed out on some really cool sights in Lisbon. We went up into the fort where the explorers left from Portugal, saw Jerónimos’ Monastery, ate traditional Portuguese cheese pastries at the place they were invented, went to the aquarium (fantastic aquarium by the way), enjoyed Fado singers over dinner….such a great day, I’d do it all over even in the rain. We also visited a Cork Montado (not really a forest because it’s a multi-purpose self-sustaining ecosystem, so called a Montado) and at the same time saw ruins that reminded me of something from the Druids. With the fog, it seemed as if old Druid priests just belonged there.  Of course, more to come from our adventures when I am home again and have time to compile my notes into coherent thoughts! For now, photos:

Split on the side of a cork tree, so you can see how thick the cork is.

Making friends with a large cork tree.

Pigs in the Cork Montado.

I thought this was an interesting shot from the top of the fort.

Absolutley amazing duck at Clube de Fado



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  1. You got to see the wild pigs! All Gwendolyn and I did was get to enjoy their flavors…

  2. That duck looks soooo delish! I loved the whole fado experience also.

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