Portugal Day 6 in Pictures

Our last day in Portugal! Like most of the trip, it rained again, but that didn’t stop us from getting out and about to the sights.  We visited the Pena Palace in Sintra.  I would love to go back in the sun some day and see this place as I imagine it is just stunning on a clear day. Not to mention the view from the top of the castle would be spectacular.  Also in Sintra we went to the Castelo dos Mouros (Moorish Castle) which was easily my favorite of the castles we visited. The wind was whipping about fiercely though and we didn’t stay as long as we would have otherwise as it felt like we were going to be blown over the edge of the walls. For lunch we went to a fabulous fish restaurant on the coast (near the Western most place in all of Europe) and had a great clam dish done in a simple broth and a sea bass baked in a salt crust. I’ve enjoyed all the seafood we’ve eaten on this trip, plus wine at lunch is a concept I’d love to see stateside!  Enjoy some of the photos from our last day:

Foggy photo of Pena Palace

Castelo dos Mouros

View of Sintra from the castle.

Selection of (very) fresh fish offered at lunch.

Coastal view.

Not quite a beach day....


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  1. I figure one reason why wine at lunch works so well is that the Portuguese wines are lower in alcohol (than is common here in California anyway!). And followed by the excellent espresso, I felt great and raring to go!

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