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Although I checked Arneis off my list of grapes to try quite some time ago (about the same time I bought this bottle of wine) I don’t believe I ever wrote up this bottle.  Not sure why, we purchased several bottles of it, and this is the last one. I guess my thought process was “Oh, I have other bottles of this so I’ll take notes on it later.” Sometimes that works out for me…at other times I end up not writing about a wine because I drank all the bottles in the basement without taking notes, thinking there was another one down there! We purchased the 2008 Seghesio Arneis at the the winery for about $18 (I think, I didn’t save my receipt), it clocked in at 13.2% alcohol by volume, and had a screw cap closure.

On the nose I found pineapple, tropical notes, coconut, white pepper, and fresh lemon. Overall it struck me as quite tropical.  In the mouth I got tropical fruit, star fruit, pineapple, lemon and lime edges, and other citrus. We really enjoyed this as an alternative dry white wine that would be great for a hot summer’s night and some grilled fish.  As a matter of fact, that’s how all the rest of the bottle were consumed!


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  1. Sounds fantastic. Will be on the look out for this one!

  2. I also enjoyed the Seghesio Arneis and found some of the same characteristics you did. Comparing this to Arneis from Roero in Peidmont, I would have to say that the Seghesio version is very much a product of its growing climate (warm Sonoma County) resulting in very tropical notes. The version from Roero in Italy is much more mineral driven with an almost steely acidity.

    Really enjoy your blog!

    Would you buy this wine again?


  3. Just curious. Do you use a inventory system for your wines? Like cellartracker maybe?

  4. I like it Mike.

    Hi Chris- I would buy this again (in fact, I have!).

    Arlie-I “use” Cellartracker but am just awful about keeping it updated. I’m fairly good at putting stuff in when it arrives, but I am bad about removing stuff when I drink it.

  5. I absolutely adore this wine and can’t get enough of it! It’s one of my favorites!

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