Getting on with the Bubbly

As I told you earlier this month, I’m setting “Drink more bubbly” as one of my 2010 wine goals. Why not make a random Tuesday night special by uncorking some bubbles?  In an effort to meet that goal, and to drink up some of the bubbly that’s been collecting dust in my basement, I’ve already had 4-5 bottles this month! Starting with an old friend, the NV Roederer Estate Extra Dry. I purchased this bottle at the winery almost 2 years ago, it cost me $23, clocked in at 12% alcohol by volume and had a traditional Champagne closure.

On the nose I found candle wax, apple, pear, and almost a hint of pepper. I know the Extra Dry is supposed to be on the sweeter side, but I didn’t find it overwhelmingly sweet at all in the mouth. I got pear, honey, and peach in the mouth. The wine had a long finish which ended just a little bit sweeter than I may have preferred, but nothing to turn me off. I need to make another trip to Roederer sometime very soon as this was my very last bottle of bubbly from them. (I think. Unless tomorrow I turn up something else that got hidden in a corner…)