A Goal I’m Good At

Setting “Drink more bubbly” as one of my 2010 wine goals may have been my best idea yet. We’ve been popping at least one bubbly a week since the new year started and I am thrilled about it. I’m trying to get us to try a wide range of bubbly styles too, and I have to thank Jill at DomaineLA (aka Domaine547) for stocking SO much bubbly for me to choose from. I just ordered 4 more bottles of assorted bubbly from her too, so more to come! Tonight we tried the NV Terres Dorées FRV 100 de Jean-Paul Brun.  It clocked in at 7.5% alcohol by volume, cost me $18.99 at DomaineLA, and had a traditional Champagne closure. The wine is a sparkling Gamay Noir, an interesting and different sparkler for me.

I loved the color on this one! It was much brighter than a normal sparkling Rosé. On the nose i found rose petals, cherries, and strawberries. In the mouth I got bright red fruit, strawberry, cherry, and cranberry.  I found it to be on the sweeter side with really tart strong cranberries. Matt was more a fan of this one than I was, but he likes his wines slightly sweeter than I do.