A Goal I’m Good At

Setting “Drink more bubbly” as one of my 2010 wine goals may have been my best idea yet. We’ve been popping at least one bubbly a week since the new year started and I am thrilled about it. I’m trying to get us to try a wide range of bubbly styles too, and I have to thank Jill at DomaineLA (aka Domaine547) for stocking SO much bubbly for me to choose from. I just ordered 4 more bottles of assorted bubbly from her too, so more to come! Tonight we tried the NV Terres Dorées FRV 100 de Jean-Paul Brun.  It clocked in at 7.5% alcohol by volume, cost me $18.99 at DomaineLA, and had a traditional Champagne closure. The wine is a sparkling Gamay Noir, an interesting and different sparkler for me.

I loved the color on this one! It was much brighter than a normal sparkling Rosé. On the nose i found rose petals, cherries, and strawberries. In the mouth I got bright red fruit, strawberry, cherry, and cranberry.  I found it to be on the sweeter side with really tart strong cranberries. Matt was more a fan of this one than I was, but he likes his wines slightly sweeter than I do.


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  1. Hi Sonadora!

    Happy you enjoyed, despite the sweetness. This is an intentionally sweet wine made in the style of Bugey Cerdon…fermentation stops in bottle short of dryness, and there is always some residual sugar. Personally I think this one doesn’t go overboard or become cloying, and it makes a great match with items on the more savory end of the spectrum, especially goat cheeses and such.

    Look forward to getting your responses to the other bottles on their way.



  2. I found FRV 100 when looking for a sparkilng for one of the NoVA/DC tastings back in 2008. Glad to know I’m not the only one who liked it! IIRC, it also has more of a “frizzante” character — not big huge bubbles.

  3. Sonadora,

    I love your goal for 2010! Bubbly is definitely not just for special occasions. One of my goals for this year is to drink more reds. So far I have been successful.

    Great blog!


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