Man in the Moon

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from Luna Vineyards

As much as I keep willing it to be spring (and my daffodils, irises, and lilies think it’s spring as they started popping up a few weeks ago only to be covered by 3+ feet of snow), I need to face facts. That damn groundhog was more than right this year and winter has settled in to wreak havoc on my plans to wear sandals in March. Though I suppose that saves me money on pedicures. More money for wine! Usually by the time we get back from work in the evenings, it’s so cold in our house that a nice cool white wine would chill me to the bone.  As a result, I’m still digging into the big reds, hoping they’ll warm me up faster than the heating system or fire could. Tonight we picked the 2006 Luna Napa Merlot from the racks. It had a real cork closure, clocked in at 14.2% alcohol by volume, and I think it retails for around $27.

On the nose I found chocolate, plum, red berries, spice, earth, clove, cigarette, blackberry, and cocoa.  The clove and cocoa notes kept drawing me back in and made the nose interesting for me. In the mouth blackberries, plums, cherries, chocolate, spice, earth, red fruit notes, a little pepper, and clove stood out. I found the wine to be a bit tannic overall, so I think I’d serve this with a steak or a roast if I were to have it again.


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