Virginia Viognier

Last fall Matt and I had a chance to go out to VA wine country and visit Rappahannock Cellars. While there, we of course had to buy some of our favorite wines to enjoy later. What kind of winos would we be if we didn’t?? One of my favorite wines that I’m seeing coming from Virgina is Viognier. VA wineries are doing really great things with the grape and I continue to be impressed with what I’m tasting. Tonight we pulled out the 2008 Rappahannock Cellars Viognier that we purchased at the vineyard. It had a Diam closure, clocked in at 13.6% alcohol by volume, and cost me about $22.

On the nose I found honeysuckle, flowers, tropical fruits, pineapple, candied pineapple, pear, and a hint of cream. The aromatic nose drew me in. I love the nose on Viognier. In the mouth I got tons of pineapple, including candied pineapple and pineapple jello. I also found pear, spice, flowers, and tropical notes. The Rappahannock Viognier is by far one of my favorites that I’ve tasted from the state. I highly suggest you check out what VA is doing with Viognier, it would be well worth your time and effort.


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  1. As the specialist UK importer for Virginia wines I can confirm that UK wine consumers have recognized that Viognier is at home in Virginia. We have selected excellent well made Viogniers, and other varietals and blends. The combination of terroir and the winemakers skills have produced beautiful wines that are individual in style, consistent in quality and show that Virginia is becoming a world class wine producing region. Rappahannock Cellars Viognier is one of the wines we selected for the UK market.

    We will be adding more wines as we build market share in the UK.

    Thank you for you enthusiastic support of the Virginia wineries. They deserve it! 🙂


    Chris Parker

    New Horizon Wines

  2. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of Rappahannock Cellar wines, especially their Cabernet Franc. A Virginia favorite and one that stands up to global competition. Cheers!

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