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Now this is something I’m excited to see and I think it’s a great idea!

I got an email today (to my personal email, not to the blog as a press release) from Seghesio Vineyards. Now, I’ve long been a fan of Seghesio and have visited several times so I signed up ages ago for their email list to keep abreast of what they are doing.

Photo from Seghesio

Today’s email announced a new “wine flight” kit containing 6 50mL bottles of wine. It’s for sale for $30 and has 6 of the most current releases from the vineyards. The kit also comes with a $24 discount on your next 12 bottle purchase from Seghesio.

I think this is a really cool, approachable way for folks to get to know your wines. They aren’t committed to 6 full bottles and the associated costs and the potential of being disappointed in a given bottle and they don’t have to manage to get to your tasting room to taste all your newest releases. I hope this concept takes off and is successful for Seghesio. Great idea folks!

3 Responses

  1. Seghesio do a great job with Zin.

  2. Not very eco-friendly though, is it?

  3. Awesome! FIrst, I will immediately go and sign up for the Seghesio newsletter! I will then order myself a tasting kit like this! Perfect opportunity to try the wines! Thanks for the great idea!

    As for VinoGirl’s comment re not very Eco-Friendly – perhaps I’m mixed on that. While everyone is pushing to go green, and I even did a HUGE post on Sustainable/BioDynamic/Organic a few days ago,

    There is a price, of course, for everything, and providing a service such as this may very well be beneficial in the long haul. Expend a few carbon credits to get samples out, increase exposure, and sales, and perhaps expand the eco-friendly vineyard practices. In some cases, wineries are selling their carbon credits because their practices exceed their consumption.


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