The Joy of Champagne

I’ve never drank a lot of actual Champagne. It’s one of those regions where I often feel like I’m paying the price for the name “Champagne.” Plus, I’ve had a difficult time finding any in stores local to me that’s not one of the giant houses. If I’m going to spend $50+ on a bottle of wine, I really do want something unique, not s big name wine  you can find in every supermarket. Additionally, I am on a quest this year to drink more bubbles, so a bottle of sparkling or Champagne is making its way into an almost weekly rotation in our house! Tonight we tried the A Margaine Brut Premier Cru Champagne. I picked this up at Unwined in Alexandria, VA for $46.99, it had a traditional Champagne closure, and clocked in at 12% alcohol by volume.

Right out of the glass aromas of walking into a bakery jumped out. Yeasty dough, fresh baked bread, sourdough bread, a carb lover’s dream. I also got lemon and wafers with a hint of cream. In the mouth, more lemon, green apple, lime, and bread. I thought it almost tasted reminiscent of a pineapple Lifesaver on the finish. Overall I’ve call this wine delicate (I used that word at least 3 times in my notes!) and refined. It convinced me that I must drink more Champagne from smaller producers.