Birth Year Wines

Now that my daughter is here, and I know what year she arrived in, it’s time to start thinking about the wines I intend to buy and store for her 21st birthday. I don’t normally buy wines to keep for that long, I’m more of the drink within 4-5 years of purchasing type of person, at the most. I have plenty of storage though, so it’s not inconceivable for me to store wine longer.

So 2010 wines that will age for at least 21 years.  I’m thinking a mix of wines, though no less than a few bottles of each to account for any corked bottles. I’m definitely interested in some age-worthy stickies to have in the collection. Thoughts? Suggestions? Have any of you done this or plan to do this for your child(ren)?

Price is pretty flexible…I mean, I’m not looking at $500 bottles, but for something that you think would BLOW us away in 21 years, I’d be willing to spend up to about $100ish on a very special bottle or two.