Making Trouble

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from the winery.

Produced by Hope Family Wine, the Westside Red Troublemaker is a blend of three vintages of wine, the 2007, 2008, and 2009. On first sniff I said “Syrah!,” and later upon examining the promotional materials that accompanied the wine I found that it is indeed dominated by Syrah, being a blend of 53% Syrah, 37% Mourvedre, and 10% Grenache. The wine hails from Paso Robles, clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume, had a real cork closure, and retails for $20. We enjoyed this with a steak, but I think I’d have it with my homemade pizza next time.

On the nose I found plums, blackberries, black fruit, herbs, mint, pepper, chocolate, a meaty note (hi Syrah!), and spice.  In the mouth I got black cherry, plum, blackberries, spice, and pepper. Overall I found the wine to be juicy with some tannins and nice acidity which is why I think it would do well up against a pizza with tomato sauce. I’m always looking for good pizza wines, and this one seems to fit the bill well with vibrant juicy fruits and enough spice to carry it through.




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  1. Okay, so…”Troublemaker”. The one thing you didn’t explore in your post – this extraordinary name.

    Did you feel like making trouble after drinking? Was it, frankly, fight-inducing, the kind of wine that fires you up for one of those piano-accompanied bar brawls?

    Or did you feel troubled after drinking, that kind of depressed confusion that can so often follow a bottle or two…

    “Troublemaker” – appropriate name or unjustified jokey title?

  2. hehehe somehow I feel slighted that me, the original troublemaker (SHH SHHH!!!) didn’t get this sample!
    Love your description though, and now I have to go try it since it’s my favorite blend.

    Oh I wish you were coming to HdR!
    A rhoney a rhoney we go

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