The overgrown rat said spring was coming

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from Rodney Strong Vineyards

So how about we spring into a more spring-like wine? Corny? Indeed. But so is waiting for a large rodent to see its shadow or not every year.  Plus, it’s 20 degrees here as a I write this…so I’m not seeing any sign that spring is around the corner!  We popped open the 2009 Rodney Strong Charlotte’s Home Sauvignon Blanc. This wine has always been a strong (ha! I’m full of the corny puns this morning.) as far as I’m concerned, offering a great CA Sauvignon Blanc at a wallet friendly price of around $10. It clocks in at 13.8% alcohol by volume and has a screw cap closure.

On the nose I found grapefruit, grass, hay, flowers, melon, peaches, citrus, lemon, lemon zest, and an overall fresh and tart aroma.  In the mouth I got peach, citrus, grapefruit, some lemon, melon, and a little hint of the grass from the nose. I realize that I often list “citrus” as an aroma or flavor and then distinguish specific citrus fruits that I find in a wine. I do this because not only do I find those specific fruits, but the wine has an overall citrus characteristic that I can’t (or rather don’t think I can) attribute to one particular citrus fruit. Initially I found this wine to be quite tart at the front of the palate, but it rounded out nicely mid palate leaving me with the sensation of clean, crisp fruit.




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  1. Sounds good! I also think S.B reminds me of spring. It is hard for me the drink it in winter, just becuase I think of it as a “spring wine.” Silly I kow, and even more silly since I live in AZ and we don’t really have a “winter.” Funny wine rules you set up for yourself! Great Post!

  2. Yikes, sorry it’s so cold there. The past 6 weeks in Cal have been a delight, but more rain is on it’s way next week 😦
    I can drink SB any time of year…I have grilled salmon and SB every Saturday night, regardless of what the weather is doing.

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