Memories of Portugal

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from a PR firm.

Last year around this time, I had the fortune of going to Portugal with Enoforum Wines to taste through their portfolio and learn about Portuguese winemaking and culture. I had a wonderful time and gained a great appreciation for all things Portuguese. Especially the wine. We drank a lot of wine. Particularly Vinho Verde. Now, whenever I have a Vinho Verde I think back to the trip and all the wonderful memories I have.  With that in mind I opened the 2009 Grinalda Vinho Verde. It hails (obviously) from Portugal, clocked in at 11.5% alcohol by volume, and had a real cork closure.

On the nose I got lemon, melon, citrus, pineapple, tropical notes, and flowers. I thought it smelled fresh and lively, the impression I got from Vinho Verdes while in Portugal. In the palate, tropical flavors dominated the profile, with pineapple, green apple, citrus, and lime. I found it to be crisp, sprightly, and zesty. A lovely example of Vinho Verde.



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  1. I have not had one that I have liked, usually they are weak and tasteless. Thanks for the post I will have to seek this one out and give the grape another chance.

  2. Hey Renee-

    Prior to visiting Portugal I was not a fan either. I didn’t understand the appeal. But the vinho verde in Portugal was totally different from anything I’d tasted off the shelf here. This one was much more in line with what I’d been able to try in Portugal.

    Thanks for commenting!

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