Digging on Garnacha Blanca

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from Savorian Wines.

Or Grenache Blanc if you prefer. I’ve only had a few bottles of Garnacha Blanca in my time as a [wannabe] wino. Based on those, I can say that I really enjoy the grape.  Quite some time ago I tried the Curran Grenache Blanc that I picked up from Domaine LA and loved it, and I also loved this bottle of the 2010 Bogatell Garnacha Blanca. Perhaps I just love Garnacha Blanca!  I had a chance to speak with Chad Turnbull, one of the founders of Savorian Wines about his company a few weeks ago. Savorian Wines is working with producers in Spain to produce, import, and market wines from the Terra Alta in the U.S. Currently they have the Bogatell Garnacha Blanca, but plan to expand in the future. The business model reminds me a bit of Enoforum Wines who I traveled to Portugal with last year. Though with Savorian, the wines retain the name of the original producer in Spain and Enoforum operates under a co-op system producing brands specifically for export. Currently Savorian is mostly available in the NY area in restaurants such as Beebo Seafood and Raw Bar and 101 Restaurant, both in Brooklyn.

The wine. It clocked in at 12.5% alcohol by volume, had a real cork closure, and I understand should retail for somewhere between $10-$15 when it reaches retail markets. At that price, this makes a perfect crisp, refreshing wine for these long hot summer months that are rapidly approaching. (I’m still mourning spring here people. It’s just not fair that we seem to have missed it.) On the nose I got pineapple, melon, star fruit, white pepper, spice, and cream. In the mouth I got more melon, pineapple, and star fruit, and then mandarin orange and lime zest. We drank this with herb marinated grilled chicken and it made a nice match with the citrus flavors in the wine.

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