It’s a mystery

I found a bottle of wine in my basement and I have absolutely no idea where it came from. None. The importer yielded no clues, it didn’t have paperwork taped to it like I do with the samples I get, nothing. So that leaves a couple options. It was a present from someone. My dad bought it. Or it’s a sample that came with no information (which I do get quite frequently, what’s up with that??) and the return address was a P.O. Box. The wine is the 2007 Odfjell Vineyards Armador Carmenere. If you sent this to me, fess up and I’ll let folks know where it arrived from. The wine clocks in at 13.5% alcohol by volume, has a real cork closure, and retails for about $10.

On the nose I got pepper, spice, peppers, cedar, blackberry, black cherry, and earth. In the mouth I got blackberry, anise, earth, black cherry, spice, and other dark fruits. This is a big, big wine, with aggressive tannins (that’s such a funny phrase, but really accurate, if you think of tannins sort of beating up your tongue).


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  1. Whenever we find an unidentified bottle in our cellar, it’s one which was brought to a dinner party and then hidden away to avoid embarrassment…

    Any help?

  2. This happens more often than you think. Sometimes it involves gifts or odd bottles that arrive without documentation, but every now and then, when the stars are shining bright and the music is just right, that bottle of Grenache and Syrah get a little too close and you end up with a bouncing baby Rhone blend that you didn’t expect. Anecdotal evidence shows that sometimes even a grower Champagne pops up if you store the Chard and Pinot Noir too close.

  3. ::begins plotting to mate bottles in the basement::

  4. Sonadora, I am the importer on this wine, and we dont usually send out bottles unsolicited, so I don’t think it came from us. But I am glad you enjoyed it! Carmenere is really taking off in the US, and even though Cab is still king in Chile, we think of Camenere as being our signature varietal. Check out the webite for more information on this and other Odfjell wines: or Please feel free to contact me if you want more information.
    -Jerome Smith Partner/Director of Sales, Select Fine Wine;; 231.590.5074

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