A Second Beaujolais Tasting

*Disclaimer: I received this wine in order to participate in a Taste Live tasting.

I had the opportunity to participate in another Beaujolais tasting this winter, as part of a series held through the Taste Live site to explore the wines of Beaujolais outside of Beaujolais Nouveau. Sadly, 2 of my wines for this particular tasting ended up being corked, so I only have 2 to report on. The first is the 2005 Pascal Granger Juliénas. Keeping in the vein of the other Beaujolais tasting I participated in, I found these wines to provide a lot of bang for your buck in terms of depth, structure and flavor. I would seek out most again. The Pascal had a real cork closure and retails for about $20. The bottle got recycled before I recorded the alcohol content.

On the nose I got black cherry, spice, forest floor, black plum, and a slight herbal note. A very aromatic nose, I wanted to get lost in it. Alas, the fast past of the tasting leaves little time for studying the wines. I came back to it later though. On the palate I found the wine to display more red fruit than the nose would suggest. I got raspberry, cherry, and spice with a nice mineral vein running through. This is another that would work really well with Thanksgiving; it would complement many different foods easily.

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