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I’ve been diving back into my own wines lately. You would too if you saw the state my basement is in. It’s actually quite frightening as there are boxes everywhere, wine spilling out of them, and absolutely no room on the racks, even though I just bought another 112 bottle storage rack. So this evening I pulled out the 2006 Twisted Oak Torcido. I got this in a club (I originally typed “cluck” here, I clearly have Twisted Oak rubber chickens on my mind) shipment who knows when. I’ve been a Twisted Few member for quite some time now! The Torcido is Grenache, clocks in at 14.5% alcohol by volume, has a real cork closure, and retails for…well, I don’t know, but the current (2008) vintage is $32.

On the nose I got blackberry, black raspberry, spun sugar, slight toffee notes, some chocolate syrup notes, spice, and herbs. In the mouth I found raspberry, blackberry, some blue fruit notes, spice, and cloves. After sitting for some time in my cellar, I’m really digging what this wine has become. I think I’ve got another one or two tucked away and I’m excited to see what they taste like in the coming years. I’m sure you’ll read about it here!


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  1. Saw you in the Taste Live event last night so I decided to check out your blog along with all of the others. Quite interesting as we have tasted and reviewed some of the same wines on our blog

    I was real surprised to see the Twisted Oak review from the east coast. We were at their winery early this year and just reviewed one of their wines in a Calaveras County wine tasting on June 25th.

  2. Cool review.

  3. Thanks for checking me out Peter. I’ll come take a look at your blog. I “met” Jeff of Twisted Oak through his blog about 5 years ago. From there I became a club member and have been out in Calaveras County a couple of times now!

    Thanks Kenyan!

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