Even More Bears

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from the winery.

Even though I wasn’t making food that went very well with this wine, I was really in the mood for a Pinot. So I plucked the 2009 Sean Minot 4 Bears Carneros Pinot Noir from the basement. It clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume, had a real cork closure, and retails for about $13.

Four takeaways from this wine:

1.) It’s a $13 CA Pinot. And in this case, that’s a good thing.

2.) The wine had an awesome nose with many of the herbs I grow in my garden standing out.

3.) We drank this with BBQ pork ribs. The BBQ sauce overpowered the wine a bit. I suggest something with a little less heft to match with this.

4.) Our neighbors really liked this bottle at the neighborhood cookout.

On the nose I got chocolate, spice, red raspberry, red cherry, oak, vanilla, cream, toast, mint, and basil. The palate was a little complex than the nose. I found black cherry, black plum, and some spice.  While the fruit was mostly juicy, I got a bitter note mid palate.





3 Responses

  1. I think this is the best sub-$15 Pinot Noir I’ve ever had. Been going through at least a case a year for the past couple of years. Also a big fan of Sean Minor’s Sauv. Blanc, Chard, Cab, rose and new red blend (mostly Merlot and Petit Verdot). The only one that doesn’t “wow” me is the Merlot.

  2. My first visit (linked from Claire Uncorked), but what a great “nose” you have! In NH, we’re quite limited to what wines are available, and I’m looking forward to exploring your comments on the “family owned” wineries.
    Got to love the glass!
    Be good,
    Dennis Tsiorbas

  3. Bill, I agree, for a sub $15 Pinot this offers a great value.

    Thanks for visiting Dennis and for leaving a comment! I used to live in NH, so I understand!

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