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A few weeks ago I received the Vinturi White Wine Aerator as a sample for review from the Vinturi company. Along with that, the Vinturi folks offered to do a give-away on my blog! So who does that benefit? You! All you need to do to win is go here on Facebook and like Vinturi, then come back here and tell me you did so and want to win. I’ll enter all the comment numbers in a hat and pull a winner in a week or so! The Vinturi White Wine Aerator retails for about $29 and would make a fun stocking stuffer for your favorite wino…or keep it for yourself!I’ve never done a give-away before, but I thought I’d give it a shot and see how it goes.

Now, I can see you shaking your head. Aerate white wine? Who does that? I must admit I was skeptical as well. I’ve never decanted or aerated white wine. I hosted a tasting last week and ran the Vinturi through its paces. The results? Sauvignon Blanc didn’t really seem to benefit, Riesling got a whole lot more aromatic, as did Viognier. It seemed to me to have the same results as letting your more aromatic whites warm up a bit. Pretty neat.

Toss your hat into the ring to try to win your own. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it too!


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  1. I want to win!!!!!! The Vinturi White Wine Aerator.

  2. i would love to try this or give it to my mom for christmas! wonderful gift idea!

  3. A white wine aerator?!?! I had no idea they even made them for white wine. Since I almost exclusively drink whites I definitely would love to win this.

  4. I liked the facebook page

  5. I now “Like” Vinturi per facebook. While I like the concept, perhaps I’ll find out if I truly like them if I win!

  6. I liked Vinturi on Facebook! I would love to win!

  7. Can you tell me how this differs from the “red” Vinturi? I don’t own a Vinturi, but I like the concept behind it. And we sell the original “red” Vinturi and the slimmer travel Vinturi at the store where I work. But I’m a bit skeptical of the notion that there needs to be a different red and white Vinturi. Sounds like marketing hocus-pocus to me. Can you tell if one is bigger than the other or somehow aerates differently?

    Thanks and good luck with your giveaway!


  8. I entered on Facebook and would love to win the wine aerator! I’ve never heard of aerating white wine, but if there is a benefit I would certainly be interested in learning about it!

  9. Neato. I liked ’em on FB. I got my mom the red wine one last year for Christmas, and she loves it – says it really makes a difference. I’m also wondering about the same thing Bill posted.

  10. I liked them on facebook! Now, I want to win 😉

  11. cool! Sign me up!!

  12. I liked them, pick me!

  13. Very cool! I liked and I know exactly who would get this as a gift.

  14. I love Vinturi products! I liked their facebook page and would love to win the new Vinturi White Wine Aerator for a great friend that is also a wino! =)

  15. How awesome!!! Yum!!

  16. That’s cool! I liked the page!!

  17. Hi! I liked Vinturi, and I’d love to win!

  18. Bill and Feisty, I don’t have an answer to that as I’ve actually never used a red wine one. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

  19. I have the Vinituri wine aerator but have never used it for white wine. I guess you learn something new everyday. If I have the time I usually decant the wine but the Vinituri wine aerator does a really nice job of bringing out the aromas quickly. It is a great product. Although I don’t know what the difference would be between a white or red aerator. I agree with Bill, this sounds like a marketing ploy.

  20. This looks like great buy! We have two reproduction decanters and another from around 1780 that my husband bought. Also have a Rabbit aerator, but nothing would do justice like this Vinituri wine aerator!

  21. Just realized i had a spelling error, woops! “VINTURI”

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