Onward with Chilean Pinot Noir

*I received this wine as a sample from the PR folks for Wines of Chile.

Alas, I was so close to catching up on my older tasting notes. And yet again I failed. I pulled out a notebook to jot down notes for the Carmenere and Curry Chilean Wine Tasting the other night and lo and behold discovered some notes from the April Pinot Noir and Syrah Chilean Tasting. Not wanting to fail in my self-proscribed mission of detailing all the wines I taste, I thus present you with the first note I found. This is for the 2009 Valdivieso Reserva Pinot Noir. It had a screw cap closure, clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume, and retails for about $17.

Four takeaways from this wine:

1.) It needed time for the alcohol to blow off and settle in.

2.) The nose offered up a lot more than the palate delivered.

3.) I think perhaps $14ish would be a better price point for this wine.

4.) Overall the jury is still out for me on Chilean Pinot Noir.

On the nose I found sour cherry, earth, cinnamon, spice, a little pepper, and leather.  In the mouth I got cherry, dark cherry, and sour cherry. The palate was a bit simple, offering only cherries to me, but it had good structure and acidity.

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