Fine Times at Teldeschi

Our second stop on our CA trip was Teldeschi. Or, if I’m being honest, it was our 3rd stop since we first ran by Bovolo to partake in some house cured bacon goodness. I also seem to have failed to take pictures here. I think I was just too excited for our first day of vacation to think about taking photos! We like to visit Teldeschi for a few reason, in particular because my dad really likes the Zinfandel Port made there, so we always go by in order to pick some up for him! This time Dan Teldeschi, owner and wine maker was pouring in the tasting room!

2000 Petite Sirah: dark fruit, blackberry, juicy, black currant, tannins.

2001 Terranova: Juicy, red fruit, spicy, tannins, raspberries, red currant, earth.

2002 Petite Sirah: very perfumey, spicy, blackberry, black fruit, spice, earth, chocolate, really well done. We took some home.

2004 Reserve Zinfandel: dark earth, mint, eucalyptus, very dark, spicy, black cherry.

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon: black current, pepper, red berries, juicy, spice, very different. Really liked this one and we took some home.

2006 Terra Luna: Banana, red fruit, smooth, juicy, blackberry, blueberry.

2005 Home Ranch Zinfandel: spicy, earthy, big fruit, blackberry, some sweetness. Too some of this home too!


Visiting David Coffaro

Time for me to get around to writing up our visits to vineyards during our April trip to Northern CA! Sadly, I didn’t remember to take my camera out much on this trip, so pictures are pretty limited. But the wines are still well worth talking about. We make it a point to swing by David Coffaro whenever we are in the area. We first encountered David Coffaro 6 years ago on our honeymoon and have been buying wine futures there ever since. Good thing we stopped by this time as they kindly reminded us we had yet to pick up our futures from 2 years ago. We got to do a bit of barrel tasting of some of the futures we bought for the 2011 vintage as well as a couple wines already in bottle.

2009 Terre Melange $30: very spicy, peppery, red fruit, cherry, raspberry, strawberry.

2009 Zinfandel $30: chocolate, pepper, blueberry, blackberry, black cherry, spice.

2009 Petite Sirah $30: very dark fruit, earth, spice, blackberry, pepper, cocoa.

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon $38: very tannic, red fruit, red currants, dark strawberry, dark berries, spice.

2009 Block 4 $38: mint, spice, black raspberry, black cherry, earth.

I didn’t take any notes on the barrel samples, but my notebook is covered with red circles as a reminder of them! Be sure to check out David Coffaro if you are in Dry Creek Valley. Buying futures from the winery has been one of the most cost effective ways I’ve stocked my cellar full of wine.

Under My Thumb

I have a problem. I’d call it an addiction actually. I joined another wine club while in CA. In my defense, we had just broken up with 3 others, so it felt like it was time to mix things up a bit. I first ran into Thumbprint Cellars perhaps 3 years ago when they sent me a bottle of wine. I really liked it, so on our last trip out to CA we swung by their tasting room in downtown Healdsburg. The rest of their line up was just as impressive, so we signed up for their wine club and took home a few bottles, including this 2010 Thumbprint Cellars Gewurztraminer bottled under screw cap and clocking in at 14.2% alcohol by volume. It retails for $24, though I paid a bit less than that with the club discount, and the grapes hail from Sara Lee’s Vineyard (where I’ve actually visited and had lunch courtesy of the Wine Blogger Conference in 2008!).

Four takeaways from this wine:

1.) Check out Thumbprint Cellars. They have some great things going on, including this Gewurz.

2.) I’ve really been digging Gewurz from CA lately. This, Cartograph Cellars, and Toulouse are some excellent examples.

3.) The nose on the Thumbprint was classic Gewurz. All lychee, honeysuckle, spice, and pepper.

4.) Picture a swampy, hot, humid day and you on a porch relaxing with a refreshing glass of white wine. Make it a glass of thei Thumbprint Gewurztraminer.

On the nose I got lychee, honeysuckle, honey, flowers, pineapple, spice, and white pepper. A delicious nose. In the mouth I got lemon, other citrus, spice, white pepper, tropical notes, white peach, and pineapple. This was a true dry Gewurz with tons of acidity to spare.




Rose Up Your Day

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from the winery.

Spring. Glorious spring. Long warm days, with cool nights and sipping rose on the porch. Who could ask for more? Well, if you haven’t got some of the 2011 Vin Gris de Cigare Bonny Doon Rose in your glass, then your certainly could ask for more. You should have some. Especially at a price point of about $14 on various online wine shops.  The wine has a screw cap closure and clocks in at 13.5% alcohol by volume.

Four takeaways from this wine:

1.) Pair it with BBQ ribs. The acidity will be a great foil to the sweetness of the BBQ sauce.

2.) My glass on a Saturday afternoon on the porch is perfection.

3.) Screw caps are great for parties.

4.) Randall Graham really hit it out of the park with flavors and balance of acidity and structure with this one.

On the nose I found watermelon, strawberry, raspberry, spice, and red cherry. In the mouth I got strawberry, red cherry, tangerine, watermelon, raspberry, and a bit of pepper.  You can tell just from the nose of the wine that the palate will have great acidity, and without fail, it follows through.

Send a Wine Blogger to Wine Camp!

This year, the 5th iteration of the Wine Blogger Conference will occur in Portland, Oregon August 17-19. The Wine Blogger Conference helps wine bloggers hone their craft, connect with other bloggers and industry folk, and experience a wine region they may not have previously had the opportunity to visit up close and personal.

The darling Thea Dwelle, Chief Cat Herder Extraordinaire, Master of Bling, and all around nice person has once again organized the Wine Blogger Scholarship.  Conceived after the 2008 Conference when we realized that some of our fellow bloggers could not shoulder the cost of everything associated with the conference, Thea has been zealously pursuing donations for this year’s Conference.

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I’ve donated and am on this year’s Scholarship Committee. Please take a moment and consider making a donation: DONATE NOW!

Symmetry in a Glass

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from the winery.

Although it’s spring here in the DC area, we are still experiencing (more) than our fair share of cool nights. Which calls, in our house, for a bold red wine.  What fit the bill tonight was the 2008 Rodney Strong Symmetry, a Mertiage blend from Sonoma. The wine has a real cork closure, clocks in at 15% alcohol by volume, and retails for around $40.

Four takeaways from this wine:

1.) This Meritage blend really showed the influences of the Cabernet Franc and the Petit Verdot in the blend.

2.) The Symmetry had the the kind of nose that made me want to dive in and swim in my glass.

3.) I served this with steak. It was a good choice.

4.) At $40ish I think this offers a great value for this type of blend from Sonoma.

On the nose I got spice, earth, black plum, sage, mint, cedar chest and chocolate notes. The herbs on the nose got me excited for my summer herb garden. In the mouth I found spice, licorice, earth, black plum, black berry, black cherry, and more spice. In fact, I wrote “spicy, spicy, and spicy” as the last three words in my notes.


Muddy Waters

*Disclaimer: I receive this wine as a sample from the PR firm associated with the brand.

I’ve been in a Pinot Noir mood lately.  So I chose the 2008 Muddy Water Pinot Noir from the basement the other night. I’ve been interested in the Pinot Noirs coming out of New Zealand, and this wine proved to be an excellent example. It has a screw cap closure, clocks in at $13% alcohol by volume and I think retails for somewhere around $30.

Four takeaways from this wine:

1.) It’s really lovely all around.

2.) In fact, my notes say “lovely” at least 3 times.

3.) New Zealand has been producing some wonderful Pinot Noirs lately, this is certainly among them.

4.) Perfect on it’s own, but I think it would be quite nice with spring lamb dishes.

On the nose I found herbs, spice, pepper, white pepper, raspberry, cherry, and dusty chocolate powder. In the mouth I got cherry, raspberry, herbs, spice, and a chocolate note. The wine has excellent body and acidity. I could drink this all night long.