Fine Times at Teldeschi

Our second stop on our CA trip was Teldeschi. Or, if I’m being honest, it was our 3rd stop since we first ran by Bovolo to partake in some house cured bacon goodness. I also seem to have failed to take pictures here. I think I was just too excited for our first day of vacation to think about taking photos! We like to visit Teldeschi for a few reason, in particular because my dad really likes the Zinfandel Port made there, so we always go by in order to pick some up for him! This time Dan Teldeschi, owner and wine maker was pouring in the tasting room!

2000 Petite Sirah: dark fruit, blackberry, juicy, black currant, tannins.

2001 Terranova: Juicy, red fruit, spicy, tannins, raspberries, red currant, earth.

2002 Petite Sirah: very perfumey, spicy, blackberry, black fruit, spice, earth, chocolate, really well done. We took some home.

2004 Reserve Zinfandel: dark earth, mint, eucalyptus, very dark, spicy, black cherry.

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon: black current, pepper, red berries, juicy, spice, very different. Really liked this one and we took some home.

2006 Terra Luna: Banana, red fruit, smooth, juicy, blackberry, blueberry.

2005 Home Ranch Zinfandel: spicy, earthy, big fruit, blackberry, some sweetness. Too some of this home too!


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  1. Hello this is Alex from the wine forum I like the article white zinfandel is a good wine to try. During thees summer months sometimes red wines can be over powering and nice blush wine is perfect for those hot days.

  2. Funny, we hit Teldeschi on the same day as Coffaro. One of the few wineries that I’ve visited where there is no hesitation to pull out old vintages to taste. We also came home with the 05 Home Ranch Zin.

  3. What a coincidence Nick! If you tell me you also stopped at our next stop, I’ll be surprised, as it was a bit out of our way!

  4. Our other 2 stops for the day were Unti and Zichichi–which weren’t too far away, so I’m guessing neither was your next stop…

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