2009 Cornerstone Oregon Pinot Noir

Final round of speed dating brings us the 2009 Cornerstone Oregon Pinot Noir. This is a wine I’m very very familiar with. In fact, I drank it earlier today, on Thursday night, and last week I think.  It has a beautiful spicy nose with chocolate, roses, violets, red cherries, black raspberries, and white pepper. In the mouth it’s all about black cherry, black raspberry, spice, acidity, and tannins on the finish.

I always serve this with salmon, but it would also be wonderful with the bacon roasted chicken I make.


2010 ArcherySummit Premier Cuvee Pinot Noir

Round 9 finds the 2010 ArcherySummit Premier Cuvee Pinot Noir. I had a little experience with Archery Summit earlier this year through a Taste Live event and really enjoyed them. This particular Pinot retails for $48 and has national distribution to all 50 states. On the nose I’m finding spice, chocolate, black cherry, pepper. In the mouth I’m getting lots more spice and black cherry, black raspberry, and great acidity.

I’d like this one on it’s own on a chilly fall night.

2010 J. Christopher Willamette Pinot Noir

Up next, for round 8 of speed dating/tasting is the 2010 J. Christopher Willamette Pinot Noir. The price point on this wine is They just joined twitter today! Welcome! The price point is $30. On the nose I’m getting black raspberry, cherry, spice, and lots of chocolatey notes. In the mouth I’m finding layers of red and black fruit, spice, good structure, a mineral streak, and great acidity.
More salmon please.

2008 Maryhill Zinfandel

Round 7 of speed dating and we find the 2008 Maryhill Zinfandel from WA state on our table. I’m very familiar with Maryhill and absolutely love their Cab Francs. The Zin retails $17ish and you can find it in 28 states. On the nose spice, vanilla bean, pepper, blackberry, and chocolate. In the mouth I get more spice, lots of fruit, and great acidity.

Serve with your next Thanksgiving dinner.

2010 Chatte D’Avignon Seven of Hearts GSM

Round 6 of speed dating tasting brings us the 2010 Chatte D’Avignon Seven of Hearts GSM. The wine has a 252 case production and comes to us from WA state. You can buy it for $25 at the winery and in OR. On the nose I”m getting spice, cedar cigar box, black fruit, perfume, yum. In the mouth I’m finding spice, cherries, black fruit, and great acidity. I love a good Grenache Syrah Mourvedre.

Drink with beef tenderloin.

2008 Gina Gallo Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

Back to my roots in CA with the 2008 Gina Gallo Napa Cabernet Sauvignon  with round 5 of the speed dating tasting. This retails for $40, a very reasonable price point for a Napa Valley Cab. It also has 7% Petite Verdot blended in. Small production at only 110 cases. On the nose I’m getting vanilla bean, bright black fruits with plums, cherries, and blackberries. In the mouth I’m finding it to be very juicy with nice blackberry and earth and good tannins on the finish, suggesting it could age for quite some time.

Bring me some Stilton and a cigar.

2009 Johan Nils Reserve Pinot Noir

Round 4 of speed dating tasting brings us another OR Pinot Noir, woo hoo, the 2009 Johan Nils Reserve Pinot Noir!  This wine retails for $45 and can be found mostly in Portland and at the winery, with some distribution in FL, WI, WA, MN, and a few others.  Sniffing the wine I am getting spice and pepper notes with black raspberry and cherry. Nice structure on the palate with bright red fruit, good acidity and a smooth, lingering finish.

Drink with some steelhead trout and enjoy.

2009 Seufert Vine Idly Pinot Noir

Third to our table for speed tasting is the 2009 Seufert Vine Idly Pinot Noir. At only 250 cases produced this makes up about 1/8 of the total winery production and it retails for $30. On the nose I am getting eucalyptus, mint, green pepper, and funk-y earth. Bring on the funk! In the mouth it is dark and stormy, with more earth, funk, herbs, and pepper notes.

Give me a fire and some smoky cheeses with this wine.

2009 Alexana Signature Dunde Hills Pinot Noir

Speed wine dating round two brings our table the 2009 Alexana Signature Dunde Hills Pinot Noir. The Signature is made with their best select 9 barrels and is available only via the tasting room or dtc sales. On the nose, smokey meat with dusty chocolate, violets, and cherries. In the mouth bright red fruit, berries, cherries, and lovely acidity with some herbal earthy notes.

Keeping with my OR wines = seafood theme, this would be amazing with cedar planked salmon. Can someone bring me some now?

2009 Paraduxx Z Blend Red Wine

In another exciting round of speed dating with wine, we have the 2009 Paraduxx Z Blend Red Wine. It’s a red blend from Napa made of Zin, Cab Sauv, and a touch of Merlot. Very aromatic and almost floral on the nose with spice, pepper and blackberry. In the mouth it’s spicy with more black fruit, black plum, and black cherry, pepper and tannins on the finish.

I’d serve this with BBQ pork ribs.  Also, this winery has a pretty interesting 2009 Zinfandel that was cofermented with Viognier that I tried earlier today.