2013 Wine Blogger Conference

I realize the 2012 Conference JUST ended and I’ve barely written up anything yet for you, but I want to talk about next year.  I just registered for the 2013 WBC in Penticton, BC!  I’m super excited and hope you will all join me there.  Newbie, experienced blogger, winery rep, pr folk, importers, etc., everyone has a place at WBC.

We’re already working on raising funds to help other wine bloggers attend, so if you are so inclined, (and with year end approaching, your donation may be tax deductible) please make a contribution to the WBC Scholarship Fund!  Thea and I were hard at work cajoling our fellow attendees at the 2012 conference to buy ribbons, which always helps raise some much needed moola.  We will definitely need your help to make it happen though!

Canada should be great! I’ve never been wine tasting in Canada and have only tried a handful of wine from the country, and even fewer from the Okanagan Valley.

(Image borrowed from Palate Press)

However, with views like this, how can I go wrong?  Hope to see you there!


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  1. As if the latter is not right up my alley, and believe me, it is, I’ll have three more days to follow of wine tasting, wine blogging and more wine tasting. I’m even going to end the conference with a visit to R. Stuart & Wine Co . where I’ll have the opportunity to make a wine of my own by blending different varietals, aptly named, the Bloggers Blend.

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