Invading Carlton, OR

Post Wine Blogger Conference this year, Mrs. Wannabe Wino and I received a kind invitation from the town of Carlton, OR to visit.  Yes, that’s correct, a town invited us to come and stay and see what their little corner of OR had to offer.  For a quaint, small town, they certainly had a lot to offer and put on the ritz to really show us the best of their town.

While there,the Wannabe Winos stayed at the Carlton Inn, a lovely B&B about a five minute walk from the center of the town.  Although the Inn itself has been in existence for many years, it was only taken over by the current Innkeeper Karen Choules shortly before our arrival in August 2012.  Poor Karen, I’m sure she had no idea what she was in for when she took over an Inn and was shortly thereafter informed she would be playing hostess to a group of 5 wine bloggers for a night!  Taking it all in stride, Karen was a gracious hostess, and made us feel right at home.  We stayed in the Yamhill-Carlton Suite, a comfortable set of rooms decorated in a contemporary American style.  (I, for one, slept like a bear hibernating in winter in these cozy quarters.)

The Carlton Inn boasts 4 guest rooms, so with 5 wine bloggers, we took over the entire place.  One room had a jetted tub that Thea took full advantage of during our stay.  In addition to the well-appointed rooms, the Inn boasts a quaint living room, a spacious dining room, and a comfortable porch overlooking a garden that Karen uses for ingredients for her breakfast. The breakfast was excellent, as you can see in the photos.  We had a french toast bake with berries, fresh fruit, and bacon.  We all came away stuffed, and Karen indulged the wine blogger love of bacon and was happy to add some local farmed bacon to our breakfast!

Overall, we highly recommend the Carlton Inn to anyone looking to explore the area’s wineries or spend some time in a welcoming, adorable town.  Tell Karen hello for us!

(Post authored by Sonadora and Mr. WannabeWino.)


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  1. Sounds like a great stay and a place that I will definitely look into on my next trip out to OR.

  2. Wow that’s great! I like the house too 🙂

  3. You’ll love it if you go. You can’t ask for a nicer innkeeper.

  4. That was such an awesome place to stay 😉
    And yes, I did take full advantage of that big luxurious tub!
    I can’t wait to go back and see Karen again soon.

    And keep up the awesome posts Mr Wannabe!

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