Live Blogging #10 2012 Gray Monk Pinot Gris

The family that originally owned the winery was the first to introduce Pinot Gris to the area.

Light nose, lime, stone, herbs, acidity, green apple, lime, bright, racy. The acidity is fantastic.

Total production is 80,000 cases.

I could drink this all day on my hot porch in the DC area.


Live Blogging #9 2012 Poplar Grove Pinot Gris

Named after the road where it was originally located.

Total production is 2000 cases and it retails for about $20 CA.

Flowers, grapefruit, bright, citrus. Very acidic on the palate, bright, racy, lovely.

Started in 1993 with 1000 cases. Now make 25000 cases.

Fish or chicken with this one, or really, something quite creamy would go well with the racy acidity.

Live Blogging #8 2012 Joie A Noble Blend

Focus is on aromatic whites and roses.

Edelzwicker Blend.

Started the winery on total credit and sold it to their restaurant friends. The following year they had enough interest to make 2700 cases and now make 14000 cases.

Very aromatic. The Gewurz it very apparent. Flower, pear, honey. apple, peaches, very bright and fun. Nice acidity. Green apple.

More wine to serve with spicy food.

Live Blogging #7 2012 Therapy Vineyards Fizzio Blanc

Retails for $23 CA.

It’s a blend of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Orange Muscat.

Chardonnay grapes are 21 year old vines, which is elderly by BC standards.

Floral, honeysuckle, tangerine, very aromatic nose, pear, apple, green apple, nice acidiy.

All the wines so far have had lovely acidity.

I think I’d also like this with scallops or another light fish.

Even on its own, it would be a great sipping wine for a hot summer day.

Live Blogging #6 2012 Hester Creek Trebbiano

500 cases of Trebbiano.

Vines are from the 60s, didn’t get ripped up after NAFTA.

90 acres of vines, all estate wines.

35000 Cases total production.

Apple, pear, slight citrus, nice round palate while retaining the acidity. Slight residual sugar.

I’d like to serve this with herbed chicken.

100% Trebbiano.

Live Blogging #5 2012 Tinhorn Unoaked Pinot Gris

Lime, stone, acidity, light, bright, lemon zest, nice spice, good acidity.

20th vintage for the winery. Started with 1000 cases and are up to 35000 now! Mostly all estate grown.

Have exported to the US in the past. Are upping now and trying to export again.

First winery to have a wine club, first to use Stelvin Screw Caps in Canada.

Live Blogging #4 2012 Tantalus Rielsing

I visited Tantalus yesterday and actually bought a bottle of this to take home with me because I liked it so much. That’s saying something since I can only take home 2 bottles duty free!

Lime, pear, lovely acidity, minerals, very aromatic, lemon, grapefruit, tropical notes.

I’d like this on its own or with some lovely seared scallops.

Total production is 5000 cases.

I really loved this winery.