It’s Back! It’s Back! It’s Back!

Well, actually, if I want to be precise, two things that are great in the wine blog world are back.  wbw-new1

My friend Tim, one of the original wine bloggers, is back in the game.  And he has brought with him the latest iteration of WBW — that’s Wine Blogging Wednesday for you newbs.  Back in the day, WBW happened once a month, every month. It slowly faded out in its 5th year, came back for a short revival, and then disappeared again. I’ve hosted it myself here on Wannabe Wino a couple of times, and regularly participated from the time I started the blog until it went away.

I last participated for WBW #71 – apparently the last time WBW was reincarnated, also by Tim. Let’s hope it sticks for longer this time. I see I missed 8 other WBWs between 2011 and now, though I can’t see how I managed that, it happened. Some of my favorite posts on my blog have come from WBW, one in particular that always sticks out in my mind was this one from WBW 57 (::pours one out for Jeff of Good Grape). It really tells my story and I think is some of my best work, if I’m being honest.

Back to the task at hand. Tim has tasked us with choosing  a dry rosé with which to celebrate the best of summer for WBW #80. Entries are due by August 14. You put your post up on your blog and then meander over to Tim’s post on Winecast and leave your link with your interpretation of the theme. Tim will round up all the posts for the month on his blog, linking back to your post. Then, the next theme will appear on the blog of the next host.

Got it? Good. If you’re newish to wine blogging, and haven’t participated before, seize the opportunity to jump headfirst into our crazy wine-soaked community. Perhaps this will be the real revival of WBW. I certainly hope so.


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  1. Sounds fun. I’m seizing . . . Salud!

  2. This sounds like fun. It’s been a while for my blogging and I need to get back into the “sip” of things. Sounds like the right forum to do so.

  3. Count me in! I already have a rose in mind. Cheers!

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