Live Blogging Wine #10 2013 Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay

Oh we just win at this table! We are finishing strong with the original purveyors of Chardonnay. Wente is the name in Chardonnay. I love them.

The nose on this wine is always beautiful. Delicate oak, tropical fruit, And cream. The palate has a fabulous mouthfeel with great structure. I get lots of pear on the palate with almost an orange peel note to go with the tropical fruit and cream. Yum.



Live Blogging Wine #9 2013 J Pinot Gris

We are really lucking out at table 15! We picked the right table. J is a female owned and operated winery. I love their sparkling wine. I could use a glass right now.

The pinot gris is tropical and floral on the nose. I also get some pear, but the pear is more prominent on the palate for me. I also get peach, and lemon on the palate. Great acidity on this right priced for summer drinking wine!


Live Wine Blogging #8 2013 Grassini Sauvignon Blanc

Grassini is a small family winery. They produce only 500 cases of this Sauvignon Blanc. All of their fruit for all their wines is estate produced. Grassini is in Happy Canyon here in Santa Barbara.

Ripe peaches on the nose. The wine smells like a softer sauvignon blanc, but the palate packs a kick of acidity and citrus fruit. Lemon and lime and a tiny bit of peach on the palate. Definitely a porch sipper.


Live Wine Blogging #7 2013 Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc

Another wine that I’m familiar with. Ferrari Carano was one of the first wineries Mr. WannabeWino and I visited on our honeymoon in Sonoma almost 8 years ago now! We actually still have a bottle of Ferrari Carano’s Tresor from that trip that we’re saving for some special occasion that we have yet to identify.

The Fume Blanc is one of Ferrari Carano’s most famous wines. Flowers, peach, tropical notes dominate the nose. I get pear, apple, and peach on the palate. Partially aged in old oak and the rest in stainless steel keeps a nice structure and acidity to this wine.


Live Blogging Wine #6 2013 Danza del Sol Vermentino

This Vermentino comes to us from the Temecula Valley in CA. I haven’t had too many wines from this area.

Another wine that strikes me a very tropical on the nose. Good acidity on the palate. Bright and fresh, the tropical guava notes carry through to the palate. A lot of citrus fruit both on the nose and on the palate, mostly lime.

I’d really like this with oysters. Anyone have any for me?


Live Wine Blogging Wine #5 2013 Aridus Malvasia Bianca

Aridus makes their wine in a custom crush in Arizona. The grapes for this wine are grown in New Mexico. This is a first for me – not sure if I check off Arizona or New Mexico on my list of states I’ve had wine from now!

Really perfumey on the nose with flowers and spices. Exotic spices and a hint of lemon. Very perfume filled, highly aromatic wine. Malvasia is always an interesting grape.


Live Wine Blogging Wine #4 2013 Buttonwood Zingy

The Zingy is 100% Sauvignon Blanc from Buttonwood Winery in the Santa Ynez Valley. Yay for more wine from our hosts! My favorite part of WBC is getting to taste the local wines.

On the nose, this sauvignon blanc is very tropical. I get some melon, almost cantaloupe as well. The wine retails for $20. Plenty of acidity and citrus on the palate. Lime mostly, with tropical notes around the edges.


Live Blogging Wine #3 2012 Jordan Chardonnay

Our table is definitely winning so far! We get Lisa and the 2012 Jordan Winery Chardonnay. Which I think I’ve already consumed my bottle of at home, so this is a treat. Jordan, as I’ve mentioned before, only does two wines – Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon and they do them both excellently.

Apple and pear dominate the nose. I love Jordan’s chardonnay because they are not at all overly heavy with the oak and it actually enhance the wine rather than overpowering it at all. Nice acidity remains on the wine with the palate showing spice and apple as well as pear.


Live Blogging Wine #2 2013 Rios Sauvignon Blanc

Up 2nd for our table is a sauvignon blanc from Chile’s Central Valley. I’m glad we’re doing whites today, I’m not feeling up for big reds at the moment!

Tons of acid on this sauvignon blanc. I can smell it on the nose. Lots of citrus on the nose and the palate, lime, and lemon. Some tropical notes of mostly kiwi, but the sea salt on the palate is really unique.

Live Blogging Wine #1 2012 Consilience Viognier

Here we go with this year’s speed dating of white wines. Up first at our table is the 2012 Consilience Viognier. I love viognier so this is a good start. Especially since it’s from our host area of Santa Barbara.

Peach, other stone fruit. Flowers, honeysuckle. Can definitely smell the roussanne that’s in there. Bright fruit, good mouthfeel, peaches, some citrus on the palate. Perfect for the weather here today.