Knock knock. I’m home.

Hello Wannabe Wino Readers-


Radio silence has reigned here at Wannabe Wino for the last 2 months. If you like to have spare time in your life to do things like taste wine and write a blog, I don’t recommend, in the course of 2 months, selling a house, moving twice, traveling to CA, CT, Portugal, Spain, and ME, speaking at 2 conferences, buying and closing on a new house, and moving into it. Not to mention, all my wine had to be put into wine storage while we were between houses!

We are moved into our new place, I have the wine back, and I’m kicking September off with a bang by hosting a wine dinner in less than 2 weeks to celebrate Rodney Strong’s 25th Anniversary! Here’s hoping I can pull off a 5 course dinner for 10! Watch here for stories on that, some tales from my trip to Spain and Portugal, and perhaps a very late recap of the 2014 Wine Blogger Conference. And your regular dose of wine reviews.

Thanks for hanging in there and I’ll have the blog back up and running now.



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