Back With A New Grape

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from the PR firm for the brand.

Still alive over here in Wannabe Wino land. Though clearly it’s been a while. Sleep deprivation and an infant really cuts into my blogging (and wine tasting time). So I’ll pop in today to introduce you to a new grape from a wine from a new to me wine region. I got the chance to taste the 2012 Vinkara Winery Narince Reserve. Narince is a native grape to Turkey where this wine is made. Grab this one to add a check mark to your Century Club application! (If you’re here in the DC area, there are several local wine stores where you find this, including MacArthur Beverages and in June, Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits.) The wine has a real cork and clocks in at 13.5% alcohol by volume.

Four takeaways:

1.) It sort of smells like a chardonnay.

2.) Continuing to try to relate this to more familiar wines, it tastes and feels a little like a viognier on the palate, particularly on the finish where it is a bit viscous.

3.) The winery produces a regular and a reserve Narince. I tasted the regular at a lunch and it’s a great spring wine and an easy on the purse price at around $16.

4.) Grab the whole line of wines from Vinkara and add several native Turkey grapes to your list of wines tried.

On the nose I found lemon, apple, slight vanilla and a tropical note. In the mouth I got lemon, pear, and apricot. It had good acidity through the mid palate and was viscous on the finish.



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