Totally Twisted

Even for Twisted Oak! Over at El Bloggo Torcido El Jefe has announced a great promotion. Write the tasting notes/label for the 2006 %@#$! and win a case of the wine which will have your label (immortalized forever!) on the bottles. And even if you don’t win, you get a 20% off coupon just for entering, which will perhaps finally get me off my ass to order some wine from Twisted Oak which I have been wanting to try for a while now. Here’s the announcement: Write This %@#$!. Here are the details on the contest: The Little %@#$! Technical Details. And finally, some examples of previous Twisted Oak wine labels: Classic Back Labels.

A great idea from a really different winery. I’m sure it will pique interest in the winery and hopefully get some great enteries. The deadline to submit your entry(ies) is March 16, 2007 and El Jefe will announce the winner on his blog on March 19, 2007. So get your creative (or twisted!) minds working and enter. (I hope El Jefe will post some of the enteries when this is over as it would be fun to see what people submitted!)

Now, wordsmith I am not, but I will be putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys as the case may be) and attempting to write something bottle-worthy. Get cracking!

Wine with Dinner Challenge Results.

First, the soup was excellent! I ended up subbing fresh bacon for the bacon bits, adding some chicken stock and putting in more cream so that I had a bigger batch! Much thanks to Roz for the recipe! Secondly, I took Farley from Wine Outlook‘s advice and paired it with a Rose because it was the “fruitiest” wine I had on hand and it seemed the recommendations were leaning toward that (both Cooking Chat and El Jefe from El Bloggo Torcido suggested fruity reds). We have plenty of leftovers though so I will try it with some of the other suggestions, I just need to get to the wine store. My picture doesn’t look as pretty as Roz’s, but you’ll have to excuse me since our light went out in the kitchen and we were working by candlelight.

The bottle I chose was a 2004 Wilson Winery Merlot Blushing Flamingo. We picked this up at Wilson Winery on our trip this summer. The bottom picture was taken overlooking their vineyard. This was a sharp, dry rose, quite different from many of the sweet ones I am used to and much different from the one we consumed a little later last night.

At 14% alcohol, this is no small wine; it also had a real cork closure. It paired really well with the creamy soup and the spicy sausage, thanks Farley! Strawberries on the nose and in the mouth, with melon and oddly enough a hint of lime. An interesting rose, we have a bottle or two more hanging around. I’m sure it makes a great summer wine (though it may as well have been summer here with temps nearly in the 70s!