American Wine Blog Awards

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the biggest thing going on in the wine blogging world at the moment. Tom Wark over at Fermentation has designed, orchestrated and is hosting the first ever American Wine Blog Awards. During the nomination period, anyone could nominate up to three wine blogs in each of seven categories with the caveat that the blog produced a certain number of posts in the year 2006 and was written in English (the American part was not an indication of where a blog had to be from). I nominated many of my favorites for the various categories during the nominations and there were a ton of great blogs that were mentioned.

Now, the finalists in each category have been announced, selected from a panel of very distinguished judges, ranging from editors of wine publications to winery executives. So it’s time for wine blog readers to pick the winners! You can vote for one blog in each category, one time. In order to get to the voting, click on the link in Tom’s post announcing the finalists. American Wine Blog Awards Finalists Announced.

Many of my favorites (and some of the ones I nominated!) made it to the finals.

I encourage you to check out these blogs in particular:

Best Single Subject

Best Winery Blog

Best Wine Blog Graphics
Wine Waves
Vivi’s Wine Journal

Best Wine Reviewing Blog
Wine Waves

Best Wine Blog Writing

Best Overall Wine Blog
Dr. Vino

Go vote!


Love VA Wines?

Go over to Fermentation and read this post.

I knew that these laws were being pushed here by lobbyists. As we were visiting Virginia Wineries earlier this year at least one of them, Tarara, had a sign up asking patrons to sign a petition against the enactment of the law forbidding VA wineries to sell directly to retailers and restaurants. Something they had previously been permitted to do.

I wish I knew what good, if any, wine distributors actually did. To me, it seems like they are simply a middle-man in the process of getting wine to retailers and restaurants, thus driving up the cost for the ultimate consumer and hurting small wineries, especially local ones who could use any leg up they can get.

The development of this law makes me sad for the future of the wine industry in VA. And for me, since I doubt I will be able to get the Governor’s White from the Williamsburg Winery for $7 in the store anymore.

Roshambo News

I was browsing on Pinot Blogger last night and saw that Josh had a post up about the sale of Roshambo’s tasting facility. I hadn’t caught the article in the news, so I was happy to get a heads up. We joined the Roshambo Party Army while we were visiting the winery this summer.

You can read all about it on the Roshamblog. For the time being, they will be operating out of an RV, which sounds incredibly interesting. I hope we make it back out that way to see it in operation. There have been a few articles in the Press Democrat about the news. You can also read some more over on Fermentation.

I hope this means even better things for Roshambo in the future. They were a ton of fun to visit and make some great and intersting wines. Best of luck to them!