It’s Back! It’s Back! It’s Back!

Well, actually, if I want to be precise, two things that are great in the wine blog world are back.  wbw-new1

My friend Tim, one of the original wine bloggers, is back in the game.  And he has brought with him the latest iteration of WBW — that’s Wine Blogging Wednesday for you newbs.  Back in the day, WBW happened once a month, every month. It slowly faded out in its 5th year, came back for a short revival, and then disappeared again. I’ve hosted it myself here on Wannabe Wino a couple of times, and regularly participated from the time I started the blog until it went away.

I last participated for WBW #71 – apparently the last time WBW was reincarnated, also by Tim. Let’s hope it sticks for longer this time. I see I missed 8 other WBWs between 2011 and now, though I can’t see how I managed that, it happened. Some of my favorite posts on my blog have come from WBW, one in particular that always sticks out in my mind was this one from WBW 57 (::pours one out for Jeff of Good Grape). It really tells my story and I think is some of my best work, if I’m being honest.

Back to the task at hand. Tim has tasked us with choosing  a dry rosé with which to celebrate the best of summer for WBW #80. Entries are due by August 14. You put your post up on your blog and then meander over to Tim’s post on Winecast and leave your link with your interpretation of the theme. Tim will round up all the posts for the month on his blog, linking back to your post. Then, the next theme will appear on the blog of the next host.

Got it? Good. If you’re newish to wine blogging, and haven’t participated before, seize the opportunity to jump headfirst into our crazy wine-soaked community. Perhaps this will be the real revival of WBW. I certainly hope so.


WBW #71 Rhones Not from the Rhone

Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from Hahn Family Wines.

Rejoice! Wine Blogging Wednesday is back! I missed it so. Though, admittedly, I totally missed the first reincarnation last month…having average about 4 hours of sleep a night and dealing with a fussy newborn, wine was not much happening! But I’m in for this month’s edition hosted by my friend Tim of Wine Cast. He’s chosen Rhones Not from the Rhone as this month’s theme. I must say, I am very partial to the Rhone varietals. Viognier, Grenache, Mourvedre, ets., are some of my very favorite wines. Oh, and Syrah! Who can forget a good Syrah. And some of the ones I love the most hail from outside the Rhone. A cool climate Syrah from CA is a lovely pleasure!

For this WBW, I chose a wine that represents 3 Rhone grapes. I know Tim asked us to look beyond the normal Grenache and Syrah, but with little spare time, this is my best effort these days.  I think I get a disposition given I have an 11 week old.  My wine is the 2009 Hahn GSM. Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre. It’s composed of 60% Grenache, 37% Syrah, and 3% Mourvedre. Yum. It had a Diam closure and clocked in at 14% alcohol by volume. I’m not sure what it retails for as it was a pretty limited release from Hahn Family Wines and I believe it is sold out. You should definitely keep an eye for the next vintage of this from Hahn. They were trying a few different wines this year, including a Grenache Blanc!

On the nose I got strawberry, spice, cedar, baking spices, cinnamon, pepper, cherry, and bacon fat. I could really smell the influence of the Syrah on the nose of the wine, though the Grenache clearly also contributed. I think the Mourvedre showed up more on the palate.  In the mouth I found strawberry, red cherry, spice, blackberry, black cherry, and earth. I found the wine to have nice acidity and structure with good tannins on the finish. Overall the fruit showed as juicy and fresh. I enjoyed this wine very much.
Many thanks to Tim for hosting and I think I got my entry done in time! As always, a tip of the hat to Lenndevours, over at the New York Cork Report, our founding father.

WBW #30 Announced (Already!)

And it’s soon, so get cracking on this assignment! Though I think it will be much easier this month to find a wine that fits!

WBW will be hosted by Tim of Wine Cast this month. You can find all the details over on Wine Cast in this post. The date is February 7th. That’s soon! Our assignment is to drink and review a bottle of New World Syrah/Shiraz….so really, from anywhere in the United States, Australia, South America, etc……there are definetly a lot of bottles to choose from. But still, only about 2 weeks to get on this one. Same deal as always, drink your wine and send your review to Tim on February 7th.

I’m pretty sure we have a few (cough, cough, I have a very loose definition of “a few”) bottles of Syrah hanging around from our trip. In fact, we drank a fabulous one from Quivira just the other night. It was the star of the wines of our dinner party and I’ll be happy to try one of our other Syrahs for this WBW. Thanks to Tim for hosting!