Menu For Hope V

In case you haven’t read it elsewhere yet, it’s time again for Menu For Hope, the annual collaboration of food and wine bloggers around the world to raise money for a charitable cause.  This year, all donations will benefit the UN World Food Program School Lunch initiative in Lethos.

Raffle tickets for Menu For Hope are $10 each, and you can choose which prize you are trying for with each ticket.  The prizes as always are fabulous, but let’s not forget the ultimate purpose, to raise money for charity.  Last year, over $90K was raised!

All the details are here and you can see the specifically wine-related prizes here. You can purchase your raffle tickets here.  As of this moment, just over $8K has been raised, and you have through Christmas Eve to purchase raffle tickets.


Menu for Hope Prizes Announced

Well, I didn’t win anything, but maybe you did. Here’s the link the Chez Pim.

A great cause, and I’m happy to have participated.

Menu For Hope: Good Cause + Good Prizes= Donate Now!

I’ve been meaning to write about this since I first noticed the post over at Vinography. Many food and wine bloggers have come together to donate some fantastic prizes in order to raise money for the UN World Food Programme. The donation page for this year’s Menu for Hope is here.

You can read all about the great wine prizes on Vinography at the link above and all the other prizes at Chez Pim. There’s still time to donate(but do it now!)! For just $10 a ticket you can be in the running for one of the fabulous prizes, many of which still have fantastic odds! Go!