Polls Closed…

a while ago. But like some states, it takes me a while to count votes, even if they are staring me in the face whenever I pull up my blog!

I realized after I posted the poll that I forgot to include Germany as an option, something several people pointed out to me. This was not meant as a slight at all, it was simply a by-product of me not being thorough enough when I created the poll.

Not surprisingly to me, given my personal leaning to the US for most of my wine, 38% of voters (17 votes) chose the US as the country from which most of their wine hails. Coming in second was France with 7 votes and 15% of the vote. Italy and Australia followed closely with 5 votes each. In all 44 voters participated in the poll this go around.

If I do a completely unscientific survey of the wines I’ve blogged about (meaning I quickly added up in my head the ones from the US and the ones from outside the US) about 60% of my wine is from the US with about 25% being from VA, roughly 70% from CA, and 5% from other US states. Roughly 12% of the wine I drink comes from France and 12% more from Italy. After that, the percents are fairly insignificant, with a few bottles from South Africa, Australia, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Chile, Germany, Argentina, Lebanon, Switzerland, and Austria rounding out the remaining 16% of wine I drink.

As always, thanks for participating!


Polls Closed and 2 reminders!

Reminder #1: WBW #42 Just 7 Words is coming up this Wednesday! So get your red Italian wine and your editing pencil ready, and be creative! I drank my bottle the other night, and I think I have crafted 7 words that capture pretty well what the wine is like.

Reminder #2: WBC #1 (Wine Book Club) arrives in the blogosphere on Tuesday, February 26. The book is Vino Italiano and it is a long one, so if you haven’t started reading, get cracking! I am not very far along, but am making progress every day, so hopefully I will make it through by that date!

And finally, the 2nd poll of Wannabe Wino readers has closed. The question this time was “How many bottles of wine do you keep around?” The slight winner, with 8 votes and 23% of the vote goes to 40-100 bottles, with 0-15 coming in a close second with 7 votes and 20% of the vote. Apparently, quite a few winos read the blog, with 6 of you voting for “Please don’t make me count, I don’t have that many fingers and toes.” 34 people total voted in this poll. Personally, we have between 150-200 bottles on hand in the Wannabe Wino house at any given time. That number dwindles drastically in the summer when wine clubs can’t ship because of the weather, but we try to make up the difference with local vineyard and wine shop purchases!

I’m going to stick up another poll over in the sidebar, this time on what country’s wine do you drink most frequently. As always, I’m very interested to see where my readers fall, and I thank you for participating!

The Polls Have Closed

And the winner is that 37% of the readers who answered my poll spend between $0-$15 on a bottle of wine. Coming in a close second and third were $15-$20 (30%) and $20-$30 (28%). Overall 59 people responded.

I think this fairly represents the range of wines I tend to drink and review here. A few go over $30 a bottle, but those are just the occasional bottle and I rarely, without having previously tried it, would buy a bottle in the store that is over $30. The wines we drink that do go over that price range tend to be gifts or have come in club shipments directly from wineries. Though I do admit to the rare splurge on a bottle that a fellow blogger has raved about, or a fancy Champagne for a special occasion!

I’m going to stick up another poll, this time about how much wine you keep on hand.

Thanks for participating!

Poll Time

I’ve been reading a bit around the blogosphere about how well do you know your readers. I would like to get to know you and your wine preferences better, so we will start here.

I would like to know, on average, how much you spend on a bottle of wine. I’ve put the poll in the sidebar, and would be very happy if you could take a minute to choose your answer!