WBW #38 Portuguese Table Wine

Ryan and Gabriella of Catavino set us to task as the hosts of WBW #38 this month to drink a Portuguese table wine. We were to avoid Port for sure, and if we could, choose a wine that was not a Vinho Verde or from the Duoro region of Portugal. To me that is a mighty assignment, as I was soon to discover while I traipsed all over my corner of VA in desperate search of something different! I *believe* I’ve only ever consumed one wine, to my knowledge, from Portugal, and that was a Vinho Verde, with which I was very much underwhelmed. So it was with that in mind that I looked high and low, feeling a bit like Goldilocks as I said “No, that’s Vinho Verde. No that’s from Duoro.” Until, finally, on Monday I got to say, “Yes! That one is just right!”

My find was made at UnWined, oddly enough where I also found my first (and only) Vinho Verde. The bottle I chose, out of the 3 they had that weren’t Port, Vinho Verde, or from Duoro, was a 2002 Qunita da Mimosa Red Wine. I don’t think you can get much more “Table Wine” like than a “Red Wine.” It hails from the Fernando Po Zone of the Palmela DOC. The wine is made of Castelao grapes, known locally as the Periquita grape. The wine cost me $16.99, had a real cork closure and clocked in at 13.5% alcohol by volume. I chose it for a couple reasons, one is very superficial, in that it had a purple label and my favorite color is purple, and the other being that it was the last lonely bottle of its kind hanging out on the shelf and I felt bad for it. I have never claimed to be logical in my wine selections!

On the nose I found tart cherries and a bit of alcohol with a slight medicinal note at first. That blew off fairly quickly to reveal a wine with a lot going on in the aroma. I got sour cherries, red fruit, currants, and pie spices. I will be thankful that Matt went upstairs to read and left me with the bottle or I think the rest of the bottle would have been gone before I tore my nose away from the glass! In the mouth, lots of flavors burst through. I found tart tart cherries (and yes, I mean really tart), red berries, blackberries, and a slight sour note. Overall the wine was a bit tannic, but that faded as my glass set out. The fruit in my glass was very pronounced and fresh. I definitely recommend this bottle.

Thanks to Ryan and Gabriella for hosting and for getting me, once again, to try something completely different!


WBW #37 Round-up and WBW #38

Dr. Vino has posted a great round-up of all the wines from WBW #37 Go Native! A record number of participants (52 at last count!) tasted a ton of interesting and different wines, many that I have never even heard of. Thanks again for hosting Dr.Vino and thanks for getting the post up so quickly!

Also today, the announcement for WBW #38 has been made and will be hosted by Catavino. Our theme is Portuguese Table Wines. Ryan and Gabriella have asked us to stay away from the obvious, Port and Madiera and even, if you can, Duoro and Vinho Verde. Full details are available here. I think I’ve only sampled Vinho Verde or Portugal’s wine, and I wasn’t blown away, so I will have to look harder for this assignment.