Alliteration Anyone?

I crack myself up sometimes (and yes, I laugh at myself frequently…hey, at least I’m amusing someone….). But really, the was the first thought I had at the producer name “Frank Family.” The wine of the evening was a 2005 Frank Family Chardonnay. This bottle was a gift from my dear friend Lindsay who very kindly sent me some wine for my birthday and tells me that this is her favorite Chardonnay ever.

The wine had a real cork closure, clocked in at 14.4% alcohol by volume, and and had a really cool bottle with the picture printed right on the bottle….I’m not sure my photography skills can do it justice. The bottle hails from Calistoga, CA.

On the nose I found vanilla spice, apples, toffee and oak. The aroma was nice and intriguing and I had to keep my nose in there for a while before I finally realized it was toffee I was smelling (toffee a.) isn’t something I smell anywhere very often and b.) isn’t something I’ve found in wine before). In the mouth I found slightly buttery apples, pears, and minerals.

Overall the wine was smooth and creamy. It made for some very easy drinking. I preferred it on it’s own as opposed to with the dinner I prepared. I made a very creamy dish I call chicken roll-ups, and I think the cream needed a more acidic wine to cut through it. The wine got a thumbs up from both Matt and I on it’s own after dinner.

Thanks Linds! 🙂