Bubbles in the Air

I’m running low on bubbles and it’s too hot to have anymore shipped to my house! I am going to have cast my net far and wide to wine shops I don’t usually visit in the area since I’ve pretty much bled the local collections dry. I wonder what Matt would say to a day trip to visit out of the way wine shops…he’d probably just (continue to) think I’m crazy. We stopped by a small wine shop in downtown Alexandria the other day, Grape and Bean, where I picked up this Charles Orban Carte Noir Brut. It cost me $39, had a traditional Champagne closure, and clocked in at 12% alcohol by volume.

On the nose I got apricot, lemon, and toasty brioche. While the nose didn’t seem terribly complex, it did smell very good, like walking into a shop where they bake fresh bread. In the mouth, more apricot, figs, toast, and apples. I thought the bubbles on this Champagne were fantastic, small, and lots of them. Overall I enjoyed this Champagne very much and would definitely by it again.


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  1. i love bubbles 🙂 a depletion in bubble stock is never good. i discovered yesterday i actually only have expensive bubbles in my house (good thing? bad thing?)

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