In the Home Stretch

I fully admit that writing these posts from my last California trip has taken me five bazillion times longer than it should have. I really have no excuse other than life got in the way and I simply found it easier to write about the wines I was drinking instead of typing up tasting room visits. Not a valid excuse, but anyway, after this post I have one or two more and then that’s it…pretty much nearly in time for our annual Spring trek to the Sonoma/Napa area.

On our very last day in Napa, Thea, Ashley, and I stopped by the new tasting room that houses Cornerstone Cellars and Page Wine Cellars in Yountville. We were there to visit with our friend Craig Camp and he urged us to taste with Page while there. Though honestly, how much convincing does it take to get a lush and a wino to taste more wine? 😉 Really you just have to show them wine and watch them follow it to its resting place.

Page Wine Cellars makes wine under 3 labels: Page, Le Nu, and Revolver. Founded in 1997 by Bryan Page with just one barrel of wine, Page Wine Cellars has grown to now produce 6 different wines under its 3 labels.  Production is still very small, with the biggest case release being 450 cases of the Cabernet Franc.

2008 Page Wine Cellars Sauvignon Blanc: $20. Blended with 5% Semmillon and made in 12.5% new oak with the rest split between stainless steel and neutral oak. Tropical, peach, little oak in the nose, some round creamy fruit, stone fruit, grass, dry, pear.

2007 Le Nu “Unoaked” Napa Valley Chardonnay: $40. Lemon, spice, white pepper, pear, green apple, stones, minerality, pear, orange, stonefruit. Both Thea and I each bought a bottle…which says a lot since I’m not a huge Chard person…and Thea’s not normally a white wine person!

2oo5 Page Cellars Proprietary Red: $50. Strawberry, plums, spice, black currants, raspberry, darker fruit in the mouth, tannins, hard black cherry candy.

2005 Revolver Purgatory Merlot: $35. Spiced plums, dark fruit, pepper, black fruit, soft.

2006 Revolver The Fury Cabernet Franc: $45. Strawberry, herbs, spice, pepper, cedar, cigar box, blue fruit, red berries.

2005 Page Cellars The Stash Cabernet Sauvignon: $100. Leather, tobacco leaf, herbs, red berries, tannins, tart raspberries.

All in all, I’m glad we tasted and I found a Chardonnay I love!