365 Days, 365+ Posts

Last year around the end of January I looked at the blog and realized I had put up at least one post every day since December 29.  I thought to myself that perhaps I could see how long I could go making at least one post a day.  I made it through a couple months and thought, hmm, this isn’t so bad.  Then I thought, maybe I can make it until the Wine Blogger Conference last July and then I’ll give myself a break.  However, I got to the end of July and the Conference and thought, I’m so close to a year, let’s see if I can make it entire year posting every day.

So I did.  Yesterday marked that day.  I expect things will slow down just a little around here in the new year as I don’t think I can do it again this year what with a new job on the horizon and other things in life slowing me down just a bit.  I must admit it’s a little odd to have set a silent goal in my head, but I don’t generally do very well with goals I announce to the world!

Many thanks to all who have read through my year of posting!  I’m giving myself a gold star 🙂