Trying Twitter Friend’s Wines

I twitter a lot. Probably more than is healthy. I’m surprised I don’t have carpal tunnel.  On twitter, I’m friends with lots of wineries. Many of them I did not know of before they started following me on twitter. Now however, I recognize their names and am much more inclined to buy their wines if I see it in the store.  This happened the other day when I went to Total Wine to peruse the shelves for 10 under 10.  I found a bottle of the 2008 Sobon Estate Sauvignon Blanc that fit the bill perfectly, and I “knew” the winery through twitter! Score!  It cost me $9.99 at Total Wine (I also had a coupon that saved me $15 on a $100 bill), had a screw cap closure, and clocked in at 13% alcohol by volume.

On the nose I found grapefruit, spice, banana, tropical fruit, pineapple, and salt.  I also thought it had almost a smoky quality.  In the mouth I got white grapefruit, start fruit, tropical fruit, honeysuckle, white flowers, and lemon.  I found this to be a really interesting Sauvignon Blanc and a steal at the price point.  Chill some down and enjoy today with some hot summer weather!