Same Name Different Zin

Another 2004 Zinfandel by Bella, but sourced from a different vineyard than my last two reviews. This is a 2004 Lily Hill Zin. A big wine…15.5% alcohol by volume, a real cork and cost us around $22. The label says it can age for 7-9 years easily. I’m not sure I agree. It was a little tannic, but I doubt I’d let it hang around much longer than another 2 years.

On the nose, there were big blackberries and a bit of a flowery scent. In the mouth there were more blackberries, and as it opened, currants, earth, wood and a hint of vanilla.

As I said, it was a little tannic, and could age. Or you could decant it and it would be beautiful now. After a few hours of being open, this was a smooth wine, with an easy finish. Towards the end, this wine really opened up and showed a big chocolate finish.

I served it with yet another homemade pizza, plain cheese this time, as I had made an extra ball of dough for our company and needed to use it up!


Drinking VA Wines

Last night we drank one of the bottles we picked up at Swedenburg Vineyards. First, I have to say that I love the fact that the label was drawn by a 10 year old Swedenburg family member. It’s adorable and a really cute touch.

The wine was a 2005 C’est La Vie, A Rose. 12% alcohol by volume, real cork closure and cost us $10 (it was on special, usually is $12, but if you bought 3 it was only ten). A very dry rose, but a style I really enjoy. Many roses tend to be a little too sweet for my tastes, so I’m always happy to run across a nice dry one. This one displays good strawberry and raspberry flavors and would make a great porch sipping wine.

I served with with ham and cheese omlettes, a little bit odd, but Matt offered to cook last night and omlettes are his speciality. It actually wasn’t a bad match, especially with the ham in the omlettes.