Really Nothing to Do With Wine

Except maybe if I can tenuously make some connection between organic farming and conservation and save the planet and all that jazz.  But I wanted to share anyway because I just think this is SO COOL.

A couple weeks ago, on our drive to work, which takes us along a lengthy stretch of the Potomac River on the Virginia side, we started to notice a crowd gathering with telephoto lens cameras on the side of the road, and that the Park Service had cordoned off an area where police cars used to lay in wait for commuters.  A few days later I was able to drive by slowly enough that I could look and see a giant nest up in a tree about 40 feet in from the side of the road.

Well, as it turns out, we saw the inhabitants the other day…..BALD EAGLES!!! Two of them, a mating pair I’d guess, nesting on the banks of the Potomac!!!!  How freaking cool is that?  I so hope I’ll be able to see the Eaglets in the near future.  But regardless…there are WILD Bald Eagles nesting in the DC area.  It gives me a thrill and I grin from ear to ear every day now when I see them perched up there, guarding their nest.
Just wanted to share!


Riding Mustangs

Have I mentioned before how much I love the wines from Coral Mustang?  I think I have, 😉 , but just in case, I’ll say it again…I love these wines!!!  The Rose is amazing and the Tempranillo is divine.  Tonight I chose the 2004 Coral Mustang Tempranillo to sip with my lamb and mashed taters.  It had a real cork closure, clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume, and I believe it cost me $22 from WineQ, but they are sold out, so I can’t be sure.

I first noted how dark the wine appeared in the glass.  On the nose I found berries, spice, wood, earth, black cherry, vanilla, and pie.  In my notes, I described the nose as “yummy.”  The wine tasted fabulous.  I almost didn’t want to take notes because I got so wrapped up in drinking the wine!  I got flavors of blackberries, black cherries, black plums, spice, earth, herbs, smoky notes, and almost a hint of raspberries.  The fruit tasted like it just got picked off a bush and crushed into my glass.  This is a wine you would remiss to not have a chance to taste….the 2005 is wonderful too!

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