WBW #56 Announced- Kosher Wines

wbw-new1Our host for the April edition of WBW will be the Cork Dork.  He’s chosen the theme of Kosher Wines in honor of Passover.  So basically, go pick any Kosher Wine and report back on April 15.  You can read all the details here.  This might be a tough one for me.  I’ve not noticed any Kosher Wines in my local shops (other than the famed Manischevitz in the grocery store….) and we leave for our Sonoma vacation on April 14, so I’ll need to have it purchased, consumed, and written about before then.  Not a lot of time to order the wine online and actually get it delivered in time….but I will try my best.


Smells Like Crayola

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from the PR folks for Wines of Chile.

I usually pretty up my tasting notes for you.  Mainly because they often contain lines such “OMG, yum.” or “The H [meaning Matt] likes.”  Today I’ve decided to leave in one such note, which is “Smells like Crayola.” I could pretty that up and tell you it had waxy notes or some such thing, but really, I truly mean it smells like when you open a box of crayons.  I chose the last of the Viogniers I have from Chile for the evening, the 2008 Cono Sur Visión Viognier.  It had a real cork closure, clocked in at 13.5% alcohol by volume, and looks to retail for around $8.  At $8, this is a fabulous buy, I’d get it in a heartbeat for that and would probably pay as much as $15 or so for a similar bottle.  Oh, and for real, my first tasting note from this bottle is “The H likes.” 😉

On the nose I found lemon, orange blossom, flowers, Crayola, stone, lime, and apricots.  It had a gorgeous sweet flowery honey characteristic that I absolutely love about Viogniers.  In the mouth I got flavors of pineapple, tropical notes, lime, mandarin oranges, lemon, minerals, wet stone, tangerines, and flowers.

All that in a bottle that can be found for as low as $7.99 on the internet.  Definitely worth your time and wine dollars given that $8 can often buy you a terrible bottle of plonk.  The gems for $8 are out there though, and I would certainly recommend this one.  It will be added to my list of “Great $10 or Under Wine Buys” for 2009.