Once I was alone, I was petrified

No, not really, but last night Matt decided he would rather have a beer than a glass of wine, so I was forced to taste on my own. (See his beer lurking in the background of my picture?) Until he changed his mind later and helped me finish off the bottle.

Picked this bottle up at Arrowine when we were over tasting the other night. $6.99, screw cap closure, 11.5% alcohol by volume. I served it with rosemary marinated pork chops, more purple mashed potatoes (I’m telling you Brent, you should try them, they’re tasty) and steamed brocolli.

The wine is a 2005 Colombelle Vin De Pays Des Cotes De Gascogne. Apparently it’s the week for $6.99 wines from this region in France as we tasted another one here on Saturday. However, last night’s bottle was just Colombard and Ugni Blanc grapes, whereas Saturday’s also had some Gros Manseng grapes.

This bottle was similar to the one from the other night, though it seemed to have more Sauvignon Blanc characteristics. There was citrus and grass on the nose. The flavors were bright and crisp in the mouth with a bit of minerality. Overall, a very simple wine, but easily drinkable at the price point. Plus, I’m a sucker for purple labels. Another bottle bought in pursuit of the everyday wine.

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